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Today’s frequent traveler has become more loyal towards metasearch websites than towards a specific OTA.

So, let’s look at the question that often raises the most serious concern: I know you are not sure those bookings will be replaced by your own website or other OTAs. Having one less OTA trying to undercut others on metasearch websites means better rate parity for your hotel.

As independent hotel you must understand that most OTAs are no longer focused on “stealing” YOUR direct bookings.Metasearch came to the rescue and as travelers increasingly started to use metasearch websites such as Trip Advisor, Hotels Combined, Trivago, etc to find and compare hotel prices, OTAs started to shift focus and marketing budgets to compete on metasearch websites rather than search engines.Metasearch taught travelers that with very little effort it is easy to find a better deal for a specific hotel and today metasearch has become the number one source of traffic for OTA websites.As search engine marketing became the number one source driving visitors to OTA websites the OTAs continued the battle to outwit and outbid each other through search engines.This battle drove Cost Per Click through the roof and search engine marketing became so expensive that OTAs had to find other ways to drive traffic.

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