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Let's jump right in and see what Ikebukuro has to offer!The first cafe on our recommendation list is Ikebukuro Boys BL Gakuen (Ikebukuro Boys BL Academy), also known as Ike Gaku.There are BL genre novels and manga (Japanese comics) available on the shelves in the shop as well, known as "textbooks", and you're free to browse through and read any of them.

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The zaikōsei here come in all sorts of flavors, too.

When you're ready to go, just say, "Gekō shimasu (I'm leaving school)!

" to a zaikōsei and you'll be on your way in no time at all.

Let the tōkōsei know about your BL fantasy preferences, like who you want to be the The setting we chose for the characters this time is a sophomore student president who's dating a freshman.

When the latter sees the former being friendly with another boy during lunch break, he gets jealous and they fight about it.

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