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Then when you next see your credit card statement, charges appear with a strange website name, that you nave never heard of. When you enter your credit card, the iframe command shows only part of the page.

If you go to the source code and click through, this is what is really on the page: Notice that the URL is different.

Notice the URL “secure.lovelyamateur…” this is one of the rotating porn sites. My Service in the red box is what will appear on the credit card statement. Seattle Technology and share the same Seattle office.

Craig Dates Online is a sub-site of, registered on November 3, 2017 anonymously in Panama.

The adult hook up sites are registered to Nautell Capital Limited, Nicosia Cypress.

A web search indicates that the director for Nautell Capital is Narek Melkonian. Sources for company names in Cypress are commercial, paid access sites – not a government registry. Said differently, it could be purposefully falsified.

You meet someone online, and they express interest in you.

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It seems all that I have come across do not have real/true information... I sent the company an email to complain, but they didn't reply.

You are likely to be the recipient of a phishing attempt at some point in the future. What I do know is that it is fraud to use a credit card without authorization. At a minimum, this is a way for the scammers to get a valid email and sell it. The site in the iframe redirects to another site that acts as a controller – it rotates to different dating or pornography sites.

Using this credit card information could also expose you to blackmail. Multiple recurring Monthly Charges from .99 to more than 9. When you enter your credit card, it is used for a trial period for the sites above.

The scammer sends you a link to Craig Dates Online on

It will have a name after it, something like /Melanie Sykes. If you find a different URL that looks similar, please leave a comment below.

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