Adult friend finder hack list free popular dating sites

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After purchasing the Starwood hotel group in 2016, Marriott identified the hackers had unauthorized access to the Starwood reservation database since 2014.The hacked data included names, addresses and passport numbers.If that sounds like anyone on your Christmas list, they’re going to get a lot of mileage out of the […] Online shopping is going to be through the roof this month, and you’d better believe that hackers know it.If you’re going to invest in a virtual private network, now is the time.The hack exposed user information including email addresses, passwords, IP addresses and membership status.The company stored user passwords in plaintext or using the weak SHA1 algorithm, meaning 99% of all passwords could be easily cracked, according to Leaked Source, a breach notification website.As January 28 is Data Privacy Day, there is no better time to reinforce the importance of keeping information secure.

According to Leaked Source, which acquired a copy of the dataset, this amounts to more than 400m accounts, many with plaintext passwords, from Adult Friend Finder and associated websites.Especially when Windscribe VPN is offering its own holiday discount.- every day, how many times do you log in to a website or smartphone app?Although the breach was dated back to June 2013, usernames and passwords could have been re-used to access information on other websites.The Russian hacker allegedly behind the My Space hack was also purported to be the mastermind of other attacks on social sites such as Linked In and Tumblr.

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