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Regardless of relative size, males capable of silk wrapping were less likely to be cannibalized during or following copulation and had more opportunities for sperm transfer (i.e. Our results suggest that male size and copulatory silk wrapping are sexually selected traits benefiting male reproductive success." Related content: Google search patterns reveal human mating season. If you’ve ever accessed a state sex offender registry online, you know you can search for a list of the mug shots, home addresses, and registered vehicles of the offenders residing in your neighborhood.In many states, sex offenders must report their place of employment or schooling, which may then be listed online alongside their home address. If they’re convicted of a less serious crime—indecent exposure, for example—usually they only have to make an annual visit to a police station.

"In sexually cannibalistic animals, male fitness is influenced not only by successful mate acquisition and egg fertilization, but also by avoiding being eaten.

To test this, we paired females of random size with males from one of two treatment groups—those capable of silk wrapping versus those incapable of silk wrapping.

We found that males with relatively longer legs and larger body size were more likely to mate and were less likely to be cannibalized prior to copulation.

But if you’re 21 or older and convicted of having sex with a 16-year-old, you can petition only after 10 years.

Most other sex crimes in Missouri carry lifetime registration requirements.

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