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In some cases, a song will be released by one artist over another (like Michael Jackson and Paul Mc Cartney on “The Girl Is Mine”) but will vary depending on who is officially releasing that single (say like Paul Mc Cartney & Michael Jackson on “Say, Say, Say” a year later).

In the case of “The Girl Is Mine”, that is strictly a Michael Jackson single, and Mc Cartney was a guest on it.

This is with the exception of any single that only made it under the Hot 100 (commonly known as a “Bubbling Under”).

NOTE: Currently, the website is only updated to 2013.

The Billboard Hot 100 is a chart that ranks the best-performing songs in the United States.

Its data, published by Billboard magazine and compiled by Nielsen Sound Scan, is based collectively on each song's weekly physical and digital sales, as well as the amount of airplay received on American radio stations and streaming on online digital music outlets.

All abbreviations, or usage of contractions, etc., are due to how the song was originally released.

In the majority of cases, how I listed the song is the official title in accordance to the record label’s printing of the label.

Example includes Charlene’s “I’ve Never Been To Me” appears twice, once in September of 1977 and again in March of 1982, with two different peak positions for each chart entry (the first being #97 in 1977 and the other being #1 in 1982). The name listed is as accurate to its official label showing.

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Through the years the Pop/Top 40 charts has remained relatively the same.

Through radio airplay, sales/downloads, video plays, etc., these songs rank on these charts in order to keep an on-going record of what is popular, by whom, and when.

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