Widow's guide to sex and dating

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This longtime nurse practitioner and widow describes unexpected communication with her late husband which led her toward an eventual transformation from agnostic to believer.

Higgins acknowledges that her experience is difficult to grasp, and tells a beautiful story from which widows of any and all belief systems can derive comfort and inspiration.

There is no singular panacea book to make the pain go away.

Instead, there are many such books for recent widows; each one of which speaks to groups that have more in common than the untimely passing of their husband or wife. People who haven't dealt with the same level of grief might be ill-equipped to understand how to be a good friend to a widow, or how to be a 'good widow' themselves, whatever that means.

Radziwill began her career at ABC News as a journalist working for Peter Jennings’ documentary unit, covering foreign policy stories in Haiti, Cambodia, Israel and Afghanistan.

Social worker Kristin Meekhof tackles both the logistical and emotional components of newly widowed life in The guidelines are a product of Meekhof's professional and personal experiences adn conversations she's had with widows all across the country and is an important book for widows at the beginning of their adjustment to their new reality.Carole Radziwill worked as an award-winning journalist with ABC News for fifteen years.She is the author of the New York Times bestseller What Remains, the novel A Widow's Guide to Sex and Dating, and she stars on the Bravo reality show The Real Housewives of New York.The grief trope of moping or wallowing in despair is misleading; resilience and the desire to achieve are evolutionary impulses encoded in our DNA.The newly bereaved–specifically widows–often misinterpret their current stagnancy as a permanent purgatory, when it's really just a matter of finding a community of other widows that seems most fitting for your practical and emotional priorities.

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