40 days of dating sex sex dating new orleans

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I don't know what to do or think at all anymore."Timothy"We got back and sat in bed together.

As we sat there, we started rubbing each other and kissing.

Finally, they had to fill in a questionnaire at the end of every day and document their relationship.

A suggestive look or touch or — we're all adults here — one alcohol-fueled evening can trigger that tidal shift from "just friends" to "together." Few friendships-turned-relationships begin as deliberately as Jessica and Timothy's, though.

Frustrated with the New York City dating scene and tired of complaining to one another about their failed relationships, the platonic pair wondered: What would happen if they dated each other for 40 days — and strove to break their worst relationship habits in the process?

Throw in a comically overbearing mother and you’d have a Richard Curtis film on your hands.

Admittedly about 80 per cent of the relationship peril could have been avoided if they stopped obsessing over every little thought and feeling they had, and then discussing it in therapy. So compelling that the blog started to go viral – after the first couple of weeks - with up to 300,000 people a day were tuning in to see if they were finally going sleep do the deed.

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