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The same hacker in question, Peace, claimed ownership to a vast database of My Space login details totaling to 360 million, which would essentially be one of the biggest password leaks known to date.While the date when the breach took place has not been determined yet, it is a known fact that the stolen credentials may have been compromised and mined long before My Space has waned in its popularity.." In a public service announcement dated June 1, the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) alerted the public of a string of email messages reportedly landing on inboxes of unknowing online users in an attempt to extort money.The scammers, according to the reports received by the agency, have been leveraging the latest stream of high-profile data breaches that have imperiled the security of millions of members of social networking sites Tumblr, Myspace, Fling and Linked In.If they've reused passwords across multiple services - and remember, these breaches date back several years so they need to recall their practices back then - then they may well have other accounts at risk too." Interestingly, Hunt notes that an intriguing trend has started to show its face with the discovery of this slew of year-old breaches. The recently reported data dumps involve data that has been lying “dormant” for more than three years before it was thrust into public consciousness.

[Full story: The Resurfacing of Breached Data from the 2012 Linked In Hack] Paid hack search engine then marked the available troves of user credentials with a rate of 5 Bitcoins, or an amount totaling to around 2,200 USD.

It was also reported that other hackers have been advertising the sale of the stolen information in the underground as well.

In an experiment, Motherboard provided email addresses—three from the news site’s staff and two from friends who have had accounts on the social network—to Leaked Source to verify the authenticity of the said stolen credentials.

The emergence of these extortion campaigns is a cause for concern for the FBI as these have sprung quickly after reports of massive data dumps in the cybercriminal underground involving stolen passwords from the mentioned social networking sites have reached public consciousness.

On May 18, a hacker that goes by the handle ”, has made 117 million stolen Linked In credentials available on sale in the underground.

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